What we are about

Our vision for the creation of this organization was to simply help make people better fly anglers. Every time I get out on the water, I always see people struggling to catch fish. Fighting with their equipment, untangling knots, using flies completely inappropriate for the water, using the wrong technique, getting completely frustrated and I am here to tell you.........it just doesn't have to be that way. Trout are relatively simple creatures with pattern-able habits. Yes, there is a learning curve when it comes obtaining the knowledge needed to take advantage of those habits and how the fish will respond to certain actions and we want to shorten that learning curve for you! The best way to quickly and effectively shorten that learning curve.......... is to employ the techniques and mindset of the competitive fly angler. If the average weekend fly angler knew only a fraction of the technique used by that of a competitive fly angler......they would simply be amazed by the results. Don't just take our word for it, watch this quick testimonial from one of our patrons. Our goal here at Eat Sleep Fly Fish, is to bridge the gap of knowledge between the competitive fly angler and the average fly fisherman. I have spent an entire lifetime on trout streams all across the world and have fished with some of the greatest competition fly anglers on the planet. It has taken me 30 years, a lot of miles, and a whole lot of money to obtain all that I have learned up to this point.  With today's advancement in technology and communication, it no longer takes 30 years to learn or master these skills. You do not have to go through what I have had to in order to learn these methods and techniques! That brings us to the creation of Eat Sleep Fly Fish. Contained within this site, is the equipment, the materials, and the knowledge to make your time on the water efficient, effective, and most of all..... fun!